An Ethic of Care

The topic of my research is the voice of women in prophetic leadership.  I would like to discover how spiritually motivated women use positions of leadership to drive issues of social justice to a moral center.  With this discovery we can better understand the role of this particular prophetic voice in the creation of a new world view.

My topic question is:  What is the role of the feminine voice in prophetic leadership?  My working hypothesis is:  The feminine prophetic voice is likely to incorporate an ethic of care that drives social concerns to a moral center.

I will argue that the role of the feminine voice in prophetic leadership is to bring an ethic of care to issues of social justice through the advocacy of moral action.  I will reason that women are socialized into a unique way of thinking that is inherent to her human development and manifests a voice that differs from traditional expression.

Women in leadership tend to reason from an experiential point of social reference that involves an ethic of care.  This perspective allows women to voice their concerns in terms of a greater good, the enhanced quality of social life.  Women in leadership who are spiritually driven tend to relate the enhancement of life’s quality as a moral concern for social justice that translates into a call for moral agency.

In addition, I believe it is reasonable to assert that this approach to social justice may very well transcend religious preference based on the socialized commonalities impacting human development in the life experience of womankind.

Therefore it is reasonable to argue how the feminine prophetic voice for social justice advocates a moral agency grounded in an ethic of care that transcends religious preference, at least among the spiritual descendants of Abraham.