An Interfaith Exploration into the Feminine Voice of  Prophetic Leadership
By Avril L’Mour Weathers, Ph.D.

The growth of women in leadership is a well-noted and welcomed fact in the social sciences and the humanities; however, there is a lack of understanding about the ways spiritually motivated women articulate issues of social justice.  For this reason there is a need for greater disclosure about the feminine voice of prophetic leadership.

I am working to support the claim that the feminine voice of prophetic leadership is grounded in an ethic of care for social justice that advocates a moral agency; and, transcends religious preference at least among the spiritual descendants of Abraham.  In this blog, I explore the nature of prophetic voice through interfaith narratives of women involved in social transformation; and, I record a journey of the development and progression of supportive evidence.

Now, let me state that in a different way.   I believe that as spiritually driven women, we love our people so much that we stand for them (often at our own risk) against the perpetual inhumanity of social systems, which we often refer to as principalities and powers; as we stand up to those who operate in the spirit of  inhumanity (i.e., the rulers of the darkness of this world) to strive for transformation into the ekklesia, the scriptural promise of a human community in God grounded in social justice and empowered by love.

This is the role of prophetic leadership: to stand outside and speak up to; and, the feminine voice is changing the conversation of prophecy , the way we have  this conversation with each other, and with God.  As prophetic conversation changes, perceptions of our world and the ways we approach it also change.   I believe that the evolving conversation is generating a divinely inspired world view, one that is most evident in the feminine voice of prophetic leadership.